This is a blog dedicated to the exploration of the question of how to merge Jesus and legitimate scientific inquiry.  No punches will be pulled and no sacred cows will remain untipped.  But it is important that the biases of this blog be laid out clearly.

For the purposes of this discussion, we will be making several assumptions.  These assumptions are not up for debate or discussion, as they are the foundation for this exploration.  If you wish to explore whether these assumptions are correct or not, there are plenty of resources that explore these things in depth, and you are absolutely free to weigh this blog against your own biases and assumptions.  They simply are not in scope for this blog.  These assumptions are:

  • The historical accounts in the New Testament are mostly correct and reliable.
  • The discoveries of science are reliable and independent of theological discovery.
  • Any religious concept that involves divine judgement is not valid.  This includes hell, original sin, eternal conscious torment, etc.
  • Some form of preterism – either partial or full – is correct.

The last two points requires some explanation, as there are some who will see this as a show-stopper.

This blog is created to explore a very specific set of questions – that of how Jesus and science can interact in such a way in which both are glorified and neither are required to give up their essential character.  However, historically, the concepts of divine judgement have only succeeded in preventing this question from being explored, because fear of heresy and divine retribution is a very powerful thought-stopper.  Therefore, we have been led into the untenable position of having entire areas of inquiry completely shut off for no other reason than “God doesn’t like it and you’re going to hell”.

Respectfully to those who may believe that, it is, indeed, an untenable position.  It is, to be frank, one of the primary reasons that spirituality has been marginalized over the past few hundred years – it has fostered an utter inability to incorporate modern scientific discoveries into the Evangelical or Protestant Christian worldview without requiring the warping of one or both.

So we intend to make these explorations without the baggage that such a thing will encompass.  If it turns out that we are, indeed, promulgating false teaching, that is a risk we are willing to take in order to further this exploration.

We will not be exploring the foundations for those two points, we will simply be taking them as a given.  There are many teachers out there, such as Steve McVey, Don Keathley, Paul Young, C. Baxter Kruger, Francois Du Toit, Andre Rabe, Rob Bell, Jeff Turner, and too many more to count who have written many fine books which should help you to understand the Biblical basis for such ideas.  We recognize that there are many that feel passionately about this and feel the need to warn people like us that such things are false teachings and that our final destination will not be pleasant.  Already noted.  If that is the only reason you plan to comment here, please do move on without doing so.

Otherwise, please join us on the exploration.